Roblox Multiplication Tutoring 1-on-1: Play Games and Earn Robux (2024)

Roblox Multiplication Tutoring 1-on-1: Play Games and Earn Robux

Roblox Multiplication Tutoring 1-on-1: Play Games and Earn Robux (1)Roblox Multiplication Tutoring 1-on-1: Play Games and Earn Robux (2)

Roblox Multiplication Tutoring 1-on-1: Play Games and Earn Robux (3)Roblox Multiplication Tutoring 1-on-1: Play Games and Earn Robux (4)

Mz. Marianna's Tutoring Academy - Specialized

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Does your child love Roblox and need to memorize their multiplication facts? Then, this summer camp will be the most fun they have all year! 4x per week for 3 weeks, students will play Roblox, earn Robux, and learn multiplication facts 0-12

Class Experience

US Grade 2 - 6

Beginner - Advanced Level

Follows Teacher-Created Curriculum

Aligned with Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

12 lessons


3 Weeks

Week 1

Lesson 1

Introduction and Zeroes

ADJUSTED AS NEEDED per child. Introduction to multiplication and RobloxMastering the 0 times table with fun Roblox games, songs, and videos.

Lesson 2

Mastering the Ones

Conquering the 1 times tableCreating and sharing Roblox games to demonstrate mastery

Lesson 4

Mastering the Threes

Diving into the 3 times tableEarning Robux for mastering this level

Week 2

Lesson 5

Mastering the Fours

Exploring the 4 times tableContinuing with Roblox adventures and Flipgrid video challenges

Lesson 6

Mastering the Fives

Mastering the 5 times tableCreating and sharing multiplication games

Lesson 7

Mastering the Sixes

Conquering the 6 times tableEngaging in more Roblox games, challenges, and earning Robux

Lesson 8

Mastering the Sevens

Tackling the 7 times tableDemonstrating mastery through creative Roblox games

Week 3

Lesson 9

Mastering the Eights

Diving into the 8 times tableContinuing with Roblox adventures and challenges

Lesson 10

Mastering the Nines

Exploring the 9 times tableEarning Robux for mastering this level

Lesson 11

Mastering the 10's

Mastering the 10 times table

Lesson 12

Mastering the 11's and 12's

Conquering the 11 and 12 times tables

  • I understand what multiplication is.
  • I understand how to find the answer to a multiplication problem.
  • I can multiply.
Mz. Marianna is an experienced and highly skilled educator with a strong foundation in teaching mathematics to students of various age groups and learning styles. Her teaching expertise is characterized by several key attributes:Inclusive Teaching Practices:Mz. Marianna is adept at creating an inclusive learning environment, catering to the diverse needs of students, including those with varying learning styles and abilities.Differentiated Instruction:She excels in implementing differentiated instruction strategies, tailoring her teaching methods to accommodate individual learning preferences and addressing the unique needs of each student.Adaptive and Personalized Approach:Mz. Marianna is known for her adaptive approach, adjusting her teaching style based on ongoing assessments and feedback. She personalizes lessons to ensure that students receive the support and challenges they require.Multisensory Teaching Techniques:Recognizing the importance of engaging multiple senses in the learning process, she incorporates a variety of multisensory teaching techniques. This approach enhances comprehension and retention for students with different learning modalities.Effective Use of Technology:Mz. Marianna demonstrates proficiency in integrating technology into her teaching practices. Her use of platforms like Roblox enhances the learning experience, making it interactive and enjoyable for students.Clear Communication:She possesses excellent communication skills, ensuring that complex mathematical concepts are presented in a clear and understandable manner. This clarity aids students in grasping challenging topics more easily.Student-Centered Approach:Mz. Marianna places students at the center of the learning experience. Her teaching philosophy revolves around fostering a positive and collaborative learning atmosphere where students feel supported and encouraged.Continuous Assessment and Feedback:An advocate for continuous improvement, she regularly assesses student progress and provides constructive feedback. This enables students to track their development and allows for timely adjustments to the teaching approach.Collaborative Learning Environment:Mz. Marianna believes in the power of collaboration. She structures lessons to promote interaction among students, fostering a supportive peer learning environment.Expertise in Virtual Teaching:Recognizing the importance of adapting to modern educational platforms, she is proficient in virtual teaching environments. Her expertise ensures that students navigate online tools effectively and make the most of the virtual learning experience.Positive and Motivational Teaching Style:Known for her positive and motivational teaching style, Mz. Marianna inspires students to approach mathematics with enthusiasm. She creates a supportive atmosphere where students feel encouraged to overcome challenges.Specialization in Teaching Reluctant Students:As a private tutor, Mz. Marianna specializes in teaching math to reluctant students. Her expertise lies in helping students overcome their fear and dislike of math, cultivating a love for the subject.Additional Qualifications:Mz. Marianna holds a Master's degree in Child Psychology, bringing a deep understanding of child development and behavior to her teaching approach.Diverse Personal Experience:As a business owner and a mother of a child with ADHD, Mz. Marianna brings a unique perspective to her teaching. Her personal experiences contribute to her ability to relate to and support students with diverse backgrounds and needs.Overall, Mz. Marianna's teaching philosophy is grounded in creating a positive, inclusive, and effective learning environment that fosters a genuine love for learning and math in every student.

0 - 1 hours per week outside of class


Frequency: 3-6 per week

Feedback: As needed

Details: Challenges will be an opportunity to earn Robux.

Progress Report

Frequency: 1-2 throughout the class


Certificate of Completion

Frequency: 1 after class completion


Our sessions are designed to support unique learning needs, including those of students with ADHD, Autism, and Dyslexia.Interactive and Engaging: We use fun, interactive tools to make learning enjoyable.Personalized Learning.

1 file available upon enrollment

Printable workbook (included in welcome email).

In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:

We will play Roblox together. Students should have their own account and access to it. 
We will be using Roblox to play games. 

Mz. Marianna's Tutoring Academy - Specialized

Joined December, 2020






Roblox Multiplication Tutoring 1-on-1: Play Games and Earn Robux (9)

Teacher expertise and credentials
NotInUS Teaching Certificate in Elementary Education

Jon Wilde

Master's Degree in Psychology from Capella University

Mz. Marianna, Math and Reading Tutor

Master's Degree in Psychology from Capella University

Mz. Marianna, Math and Reading Tutor

Bachelor's Degree from University of Worcester

Jon Wilde

Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Capella University

Mz. Marianna, Math and Reading Tutor

Discover the Joy of Math and Reading Learning with Mz. Marianna's Tutoring!Welcome to a world where math and reading are adventures, not chores! Join our community of over 4,800 enthusiastic learners and see your child's math skills soar while...

1-on-1 Tutoring


weekly or

$600 for 12 classes

4x per week, 3 weeks

25 min

Live video meetings

Ages: 7-14

Roblox Multiplication Tutoring 1-on-1: Play Games and Earn Robux (2024)
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