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Learning the Thai language
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  • for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • audio clips (female/male voice)
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  • multiple-choice questions
  • examples out of everyday life
  • 90 lessons

Learn Thai language - How to speak Thai - with audio and illustrations in 90 lessons

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Here the perfect solution:

The Thai language cannot be compared to any western language because of its very different alphabet and grammar. The main reason learning Thai is such a challenge is because it’s a tonal language. This is why we have included audio of spoken text (male or female voice) in ThaiTrainer111 as well as a literal translation enabling you too learn how sentences are constructed. This will help you over the most difficult hurdles. We also provide a dictionary function, however this is limited to the words included in our 90 lessons. Multiple-choice questions make it possible too measure your progress and test your knowledge. Using the soundtrack you can listen to the exact pronunciation.  Since a lot of the tones and vowels sound unusual to our ears, this is a most valuable tool. You can check-out the 5 first lessons for free.

Thai educational software ThaiTrainer111